The core purpose of NZRDA is to provide interaction with horses to develop increased ability, independence and self-worth. For children and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional or social challenges.

Riders come to us with a variety of different needs and our coaches are trained to assess which programme the rider will be best suited too.

Therapy Programme

The Therapy Programme is goal-driven and developed in conjunction with a Therapist. The
Therapist must be a NZ Registered Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist with a current annual
practicing certificate, or a Speech Therapist. This programme is mainly geared toward Riders with
high physical and/or cognitive needs.
Interaction with the horse and the effects of its movement on the human body have significant
therapeutic benefits.
The rhythmic three-dimensional movement and warmth of the horse are transmitted to the Rider’s
body, stimulating nerves and strengthening muscles, inducing relaxation, suppleness and core

Specific goals are designed for each individual Rider by the Coach and Therapists. Through a
well-designed individual Rider programme, the following objectives are aimed for:
▪ Improved balance, posture and co-ordination.
▪ Normalisation of muscle tone and improved function for Riders with spasticity.
▪ Increased mobility and endurance.
▪ Providing better overall health and participation outside RDA.
▪ Improving functional performance in life skills.

Education Programme

RDA activities have a strong learning element and riding skills learnt are transferable to many
aspects of daily life.
Riders engage in a variety of activities that focus on literacy, numeracy or other key educational
competencies and activities.
The Education Programme is a goal-driven riding programme, developed to incorporate goals set on
Individual Educational Plans (usually but not exclusively completed through schools) and information
gathered from parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists e.g., Speech and Language Therapist,
Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist.
This Rider programme targets mainly school children – supplementing, complementing and
extending their learning.
Riders in the Education Programme are provided with the opportunities to develop knowledge,
skills, attitudes and values that can lead them to become confident learners and community

Through a well-designed individual Rider programme, the following objectives are aimed for:
▪ Self-management skills, for example, put on their own helmet and mount their horse.
▪ Recognise text and symbols through games and activities.
▪ Communicate effectively with the Volunteers and the horse.
▪ Follow instructions and advice.
▪ Relate to others.
▪ Be part of a team through co-operation and competition.
▪ Experience a working balance of rights, roles and responsibilities – their own, the horse’s
and that of the RDA team.
▪ Contribute as active members of their community.
▪ Show improvement in social skills, life skills, concentration, following instructions,
communication, numeracy and literacy and to achieve goals to match the NZ education

Sport and Recreation Programme

Recreational horse riding is a wonderful form of healthy outdoor activity and exercise. On horseback,
a disabled Rider can be helped to participate in a leisure or sporting activity, gain confidence, and
achieve success they may not achieve elsewhere.
The Sport and Recreation Programme is a goal-driven riding programme designed to encourage
participation in and the development of individual abilities to meet sporting and recreational

To support Riders working towards sporting or recreational outcomes, for example, Special
Olympics, Para-Equestrian, or Pony Club and those who are wanting to use riding as a purposeful
leisure activity.

Class Timetable

Tuesday 9.30am- 12.30pm

Wednesday 9.30am -12.30pm

Thursday 8.30am – 12.00pm

Friday 9.30am – 12.30 pm


We aim to keep our fees as low as possible so that we are available to all riders

Fees are $120.00 per term